Wishlist A/W

Hello ladies :)

To begin with, welcome to my new followers! I'm so happy to see people do actually like my blog though I haven't posted much yet! Thanks you lovely lot :) I usually start loads of posts with apologies because I haven't gotten around to post something but after sunday's #bbloggers chat [can you tell I'm obsessed already?] I've kind of learned to just blog whenever I feel like blogging and whenever I find the time because I'm pretty busy most of the time and felt bad about that. Also got loads of great advice on time management so if you missed the last chat for some reason and need some tips you can find a summary on the #bbloggers blog.

I've tried to create my first set ever on Polyvore today because I really wanted to create a collage of some key pieces I need to purchase for autumn/winter this year. My wardrobe is bursting with shorts and cropped shirts which is nice without doubt but not really useful now that the days are getting colder especially as I'm almost always freezing. Looking forward to autumn though because I can finally dig out my muddy nail polish shades again :) Alrighty enough talk let's look at what I've gathered up!

I do love cheerful colours you see ;) Well it's time to confess that I'm not very adventurous regarding my choice of clothes, I'm feeling comfortable wearing plain and earthy colours most of the time with the only eception being my nails which are always sporting the weirdest colours hehee.

1. Waistcoat - H&M - I've been looking for a fake fur waistcoat for ages but anytime I've seen one the colour didn't seem pretty enough, it didn't fit properly or it's been way too expensive. This one from H&M is very reasonably priced [around £25] and I hope to find it in one of their stores since the shipping costs are ridiculous when ordering online and it always takes them ages to ship your order!
2. Vest - Even&Odd - I'm a sucker for plain vests and basics in general moreover I'm in love with the nifty print :) I also enjoy silhouettes of trees and branches on literally anything god only knows why! Have to look for a cheaper alternative still as this is around the £30 mark but this collage is more of an inspiration anyway to see what I'd like to wear after all.
3. Ear Studs - Marc Jacobs - Jewellery is something I only get out on special occasions like a night out, birthday parties something like this. I do however like to wear plain ear studs everyday because I think this makes my face look complete somehow haha. The ones I've put in the collage are by Marc Jacobs and have his name written on them circularly which already make them a winner in my book ;) 
4. Cable knit snood - John Lewis - Everyone loves a knitted anything I guess and snoods are just so comfy! I prefer them over scarfs as well since the ends are bugging somehow. I know how dull that must sound to you but I'm annoyed easily ;) Loving the creamy colour!
5. Gloves - Auclair - Same goes for gloves, gotta love knitted ones! What I like about these is that they're a little longer than usual to keep your wrists warm as well!
6. Boots - Ugg Australia - This is the parting of the ways and has been for years. I have to admit I've literally been living in my Uggs for the past three winters and to top it all of I do love their appearance! Being the girly girl  I am I'd love to get my hands on the sequinned version of them but I'm not yet ready to fork out a stupid amount of money so I'll stick with my chestnut 'coloured' ones ;)
7. Suede Boots - Mango - I already have about three or four similar pairs but a girl can't ever have enough boots right? As I'm quite tall I usually go for flat shoes and I also think the buckles are so pretty!
8. Sweater - Gina Tricot - Off-the-shoulder tops are a recent favourite of mine I dont even know what it is that I love so much about them I guess it's the way they accent your collarbones lol. You can't see it in the picture but this particular one from Gina Tricot [are there any stores in the UK? I've discovered them in Germany and love their range!] is knitted which you probably can't see in the picture but it looks really cosy to me :)
9. Jeans - Topshop - This was more of a spontaneous addition as I usually wear black tights/leggings or plain skinny jeans. I haven't owned any coloured jeans for as long as I can remember! I do like the autumnal colour though and think it would match almost any other colour in my wardrobe so I might keep my eyes peeled for a similar pair or I might as well order it from Topshop for £38 which is fair enough.
10. Leather jacket - Muubaa - This would definitely be an autumnal piece of clothing for me because it wouldnt keep me warm enough in winter but I absolutely adore the wide collar! Had to gasp seeing the price tag though because this is about £250! No chance I would spend that much on a 'between seasons' jacket.
11. Bag - Secret Pon-Pon - I've recently purchased a pink/tan coloured purse from Gina Tricot which is the first colourful bag in my collection and will remain the only one it seems. I'm such a sucker for brown/beige/tan/cream coloured bags! 
12. Studded Slipper - Zara - I've seen almost every girl in Germany wearing these and I think they are so fancy! Think Topshop has identical ones as well. I have to get these before they sell out soon but there was always something getting in the way [which means I like to spend all the money I've got on silly amounts of makeup]. Studs are one of the biggest trends in fashion this year and still I dont own anything with studs on it get a load of this! This needs to change :)

Alright ladies, we did it! This was one long post, please excuse my chattiness!

What do you think of the items I've picked? Would you buy anything from my wishlist or do you already own some of the things pictured? 


  1. Nice finds! Can't wait for shop for my own fall/winter items this year!
    And totally feel ur comment about Uggs hahaha ;)


    1. Aren't they just the most comfy shoes ever haha!
      Thanks lovely xx

  2. I agree that when you blog you should blog when you want to as it may feel like a chore otherwise :) Love your finds, I love Autumn so have been spending far to much lately but just can't help it ha ha.

    Tanesha x

    1. It felt like a chore sometimes indeed and that's just wrong :)
      Yeh I get that, ever since I've started blogging I can't help but spend far too much money on beauty and fashion haha xx

  3. wow, amazing stuff! :)

    xx, rebecca

  4. lovely wishlist- i love the bag! xx

  5. love the boots (nr 7), so lovely! and super great wishlist :D

  6. Love this! How nice is that jacket?!!

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter! http://champagnelambinibudget.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/happy-friday-giveaway.html

  7. Looks nice ;) I'm also acutally glad that now the colder days are coming, which means new wardrobe & some old "lovlies" as well ! ;)

    Greetz ;)


  8. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies! :) xxx

  9. nice wishlist, like those earrings a lot;)X