Anatomicals Sample Kit

Hey lovelies! Hope you all had a great weekend :)

Today I thought I'd show you the Anatomicals sample kit I've purchased back in November as I only just started to use it a few weeks ago. I've never tried anything from their range and never found it too appealing to be honest, then I spotted this kit in a German perfume shop and for £3 I snapped it up [#bbloggersdisease]. 

I absolutely love the colourful packaging, I probably won't use the little zip bag ever again when I've used the products up [I'm a zip bag hoarder you see] but it's pretty nonetheless. What I really like about Anatomicals is the product names they come up with and the colour range, on the other hand I always associated the simplicity of their products with this-surely-won't-work-properly no name products, which obviously is bollocks.

So this little kit contains a body wash, moisturiser, hand soap and hand cream, all of which come in a 30ml tube which is enough for you to put them to the test. Now that I've used them for about 2 or 3 weeks, I think their products are a bit hit and miss really. Due to the packaging I expected all of them to smell really fruity/floral, however this isn't the case.

The shower gel smells really lovely and if I didn't have four bottles of Soap&Glory shower gel sitting in my drawer waiting to be used I would purchase a fullsized bottle of this. It smells lovely of roses, not the freshly picked kind of roses but the vintage kind of smell which I'll forever associate with my nan [ooh that must sound appealing to you] and her fancy perfume collection.
The body lotion has a nice thick and creamy consistency but the smell is just awful! The scent reminds me of the soap you'll find in public toilets, really soapy and clinical, you get my drift. No, just no!

Then onto the hand soap, it lathers up well and you only need a tiny bit so this little tube will last me quite a while. It smells lovely and exactly like it says on the tube, of spearmint and lemon. I actually really like the refreshing scent, being overly scared of germs and bacteria its spearmint component makes my hands feel really clean. I can definitely see myself purchasing the fullsize bottle of this.
Last but not least their hand cream, which I first thought was unperfumed, it does however have a slight citrus scent to it which I don't like. It also took a while to absorb into my skin and made them feel a tad greasy. I like my hand creams to absorb quickly and leave my hands soft and non-greasy. 
With that said, the best hand cream I've ever come across was from Tesco, I think it was called Skin Food macadamia/honey hand cream or something like that. Of course it's been discontinued as soon as I ran out of it so in case you've got a tube left, I'd be willing to pay a fortune! ;)

I hope you enjoyed my little review! Are you using any Anatomicals products? What do you think of their range? Do you have a favourite product?


  1. I haven't seen these before but that packaging is so cute, I love it.

    1. Isn't it just :) Thanks for all those lovely comments on my blog, really appreciate them ♥

  2. I love anatomicals! The body washes smell amazing, this little set is so cute!

    1. Isn't it, love the colourful scheme :) x

  3. These look really cute! I've always wanted to try this brand, I love the names for the products too :) xx