BEDM day 8 - I'll skip this one and do a review instead..

Hiya lovelies!

If you've read the title of this post you might be wondering what the actual topic was. It was 'my first job'. Now, I've never really had a job to be honest, I was lucky enough never having to worry about money, so I went from school to three months of doing nothing to university where I still am today. Besides working for a couple of months when my parents started their business and my mum got really ill but that doesn't count, right. So I decided to complete my MUA Undress Your Skin collection post with a review of the Undress me too palette instead.

You can find my first two posts about their foundation and highlighter here and here in case you've missed them. 

Looks lovely and definitely familiar, doesn't it? However, this time the MUA version differs noticeably from it's high end sister the UD Naked 2 palette and I wouldn't say it's an exact dupe, it does come close though! 
In terms of pigmentation I really like how the matte shades show up on my pale skin, they're quite pigmented compared with the matte shades from the Undressed or Heaven and Earth palettes. I also love the new white packaging which makes the palette look quite neat, don't you think? However, the best part about it is that MUA named the shades, which they haven't done before either. My swatches don't do this palette any justice, the skin on my arm is really dry so none of the shades would show up properly but let me tell you I got this a month ago and haven't used any other eyeshadow since then! 

My most used shades are naked and shy for the inner corners of my eye, reveal on the entire lid and obsessed in the crease, this has quickly become my go-to eye makeup look. I do feel that the new shades tend to be less 'buttery' and soft than the other ones but maybe that's just me, they still apply like a dream with my Kiko 200 crease brush [which is amazing btw, I've had it for years and it's still my fave eyeshadow brush!] and stay put during the day even without a base. I'd definitely recommend getting this as it's a steal at £4, can't find a fault with this!

Have you tried the Undress me too palette yet? What do you think of it?


  1. I still haven't tried this palette but it looks great, I use the Naked2 palette every day but would love to have a less expensive alternative for travelling and things. Great reveiw :) x

    Stacey| Beautiful Solutions

    1. You should go for it! It's obviously not as brill as the UD palettes but still amazing for everyday use! Thanks lovely x