Rimmel Apocalips - Celestial

Hiya lovelies!

Remember when Rimmel released their Apocalips range earlier this year? Most shades have been sold out for weeks after the release and everybody was dying to get their hands on them. I've been lucky enough to snap up Celestial, a shade which looked lovely when the first swatches appeared online.

I love the idea of a lipstick/lipgloss/stain all in one kind of product, there's just one thing I don't like about this particular shade. It makes me teeth look SO yellow it's unreal. I've been wearing it a mere three times since I got it in april! That being said, I love how they feel and look once applied and the scent is amazing, too. It smells really fruity and stays put for a good four or five hours until I need to touch up. They also come with a nicely shaped applicator which picks up just the right amount of product. Celestial is actually a really lovely dusky pink shade and if your teeth are proper white [like Zoella white] this will probably look lovely on you. I really want to try Stellar and Apocaliptic next as I love the formula, Celestial just isn't for me unfortunately. There are eight shades available ranging from nudes to pinks and reds so there should be a shade to suit everyone. Apocalips are available to buy in Boots or Superdrug and they retail at £5.99 each, but they're almost always on offer so keep your eyes peeled if you haven't tried them yet!

Let me know if you like them in the comments below and if you do, what's your favourite shade?


  1. I'm really excited to try these, but this is honestly the shade I wanted, and my teeth aren't THAT white, haha! Maybe I'll pick up another color :D

    xoxo aly

    1. I know it's such a pretty shade, such a shame it makes my teeth look yellow haha. It might work for you though xx

  2. Lol so funny we posted about the same product at the same time ;) I've only got one shade (Celestial-same as you), but they didn't really work for me. I def prefer lip butters or chubby sticks xxx

    1. I know right! Loved your post, and as much as I like the formula of these if I had to choose between these and lip butters I'd go for the latter xxx

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