Blog Sale Bargains

Hiya lovelies!
You're probably excited about it being friday but seeing as I work today and tomorrow all I'm looking forward to is sunday. I'm happy for you though haha.

If you're following me on Instagram [@ohsnapbabes] you might have already seen that I bought some bargains from Stacey who runs a lovely blog called Expat Make-Up Addict. This was the first time I was buying makeup from a blog sale and I easily could have bought everything but didn't want to go too overboard. After some umming and ahhing I decided to get a Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion and two shades of the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers I've been lusting after a long time, Stellar and Apocaliptic. Let me tell you I couldn't be happier with these items! The body lotion smells amazing, I expected it to smell sickly sweet which is not the case at all, it actually smells similar to the Palmolive Almond Milk shower gel which I loved as a kid. It also sinks into your skin quickly and moisturises so well, my skin still feels soft the next day. I didn't expect it to be that good as their body lotions are actually quite cheap. I'd definitely purchase some more of these if I got the chance!

The two Apocalips are super lovely as well, I've reviewed Celestial before and unfortunately the shade didn't suit me but I loved the formula. I'm so glad I got these, they're super bright but really wearable and stay put for hours on end. Apocaliptic is a bright fuchsia shade whilst Stellar is more of a bright corally-red, both look gorgeous with a tan [which by now we're all faking right?] and they honestly last all day. Also, everything was unused and in tip top condition! If I remember correctly I paid about a tenner for all three items which is such a bargain considering the Apocalips are usually £6.49 each! Thanks again Stacey, I'd definitely buy from you anytime again :) x

Have you ever bought something from a blog sale? What was your biggest blog sale bargain?


  1. Hi darling! Am so glad you're enjoying your purchases! They couldn't have gone to a nicer home! xxxx

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

  2. I have to of these and I love them as well you picked some really nice shades ;-)