Look Like a Millionaire on a Pauper’s Budget

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Everyone’s heard the expression “looking like a million dollars”, used to describe when someone is looking particularly fabulous and flash. Often this is used when talking about the rich and famous strutting their stuff on the red carpet, many of whom have much more than a million dollars in the bank, which certainly helps them look so fantastic. You don’t have to be a millionaire to look incredible however, and there are many great cheats to help you get the celeb look for much less. Why not try a few of these tricks before your next party or big night out.

Fashion’s finest
The newest looks in fashion are showcased on catwalks around the world throughout the year, predicting the trends of the next season. It’s not just the high-end brands that take note of these however, and high street and supermarket brands will use these as inspiration for their own ranges. You can often find some fab imitations of designer labels for far less in your normal shopping haunts. For a really classy evening look why not take a look at the evening dresses from George at ASDA with many taking inspiration from the fashion capitals of the world.

Costume jewellery
Yes, one big difference between you and the celebs is the bling. If you are rich and famous you are rarely seen without some kind of rock adorning your body, upstaging your outfit entirely. Fear not however, as this look can be achieved without the need for a high-level security detail tailing you all night. As the old saying goes, “fake it ‘til you make it” and finish your outfit off with some bold and beautiful costume jewellery. It might not last you as long as the real deal, but it’s much, much cheaper and can therefore be replaced.

Hair and make-up
No look is complete without complimentary hair and make-up. If you’re going for a classic evening look then wavy curls to one side, or a sleek up do is customary. Make-up for the evening can be much bolder than daywear, and you can get away with heavy on both the eyes and lips, just like those on the red carpet.

You can have all the gear, but what it really takes to pull off an incredible look is the right attitude and the confidence to match. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror when you’re all done up and see how great you look. Let that pride show through. Hold your head up high, walk tall and strut as though you really do have a million dollars. A strong look will fall flat if you don’t have the va va voom to back it up, so make sure everyone knows how great you feel with a big smile and tonnes of personality.

There is nothing better than stepping out feeling absolutely fabulous and knowing that your whole look cost much less than as Beyonce’s last breakfast. No-one needs know your budget, all they need to know is that you look divine and could easily fit in with the glitterazzi.

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  1. Haha, I loved reading this post! I completely agree about your attitude and confidence! X
    Elise - www.elisedopson.com

  2. Great post, you hit every point so well!

    - Iram @ Lovestruck for Louboutins