Benefit Ooh La Lift

Benefit has always been a brand I was a bit on the fence about. I obviously adore their packaging (who doesn't?) and love that they come up with innovative and fun products such as the Fine One One or the Fake Up concealer. Then again, I've tried my fair share of Benefit products I didn't get on with at all - have a read of my horrible makeover experience here. Today's product however is an instant under-eye brightening boost I really enjoy using and have repurchased twice since trying it a couple of years ago. We're talking Ohh La Lift. Enriched with raspberry extracts and light reflecting particles this little gem is perfect if you're struggling with dark under-eye circles. It comes in a matte plastic tube with a doe foot aplicator, so the packaging basically looks like a concealer. The formula of this is very light, almost like an eye gel and it does feel moisturising which is a bonus. I like to apply this on top of my under-eye concealer and it really does brighten up those pesky dark circles! Which is great, because sometimes there's a concealer I really like the formula of, but it's not brightening at all, so I dab a bit of this on top and I'm good to go. With that being said, it doesn't do much when used on its own, unless you don't have dark under-eye circles and just want to brighten things up a bit. I usually use Ooh La Lift when I'm making a bit of an effort with my makeup, simply because I'm lazy and like to skip a step or two in my everyday makeup routine. Overall I really really like this product, although I wouldn't trade my beloved Collection concealer for it. Like most Benefit products this isn't exactly cheap at £17.50 a pop, but if you'd like to try something different or just can't find a concealer that's brightening enough, this is for you!

Have you tried Ooh La Lift? 

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