Soap&Glory Sunday #13 - Sexy Motherpucker XL Extreme-Plump

Am I the only one who thinks lip plumpers are pointless? I am yet to find one that actually plumps my lips, and trust me, I could do with fuller lips. The Soap&Glory Sexy Motherpucker range (loving the cheeky name) is quite popular. I have tried the original version which came with one of the big Christmas gift sets a couple of years ago and didn't get on with it too well. It changed in colour and looked all gross and orangey, so I binned it. It wasn't until last Christmas ("I gave you my heart.." - can't help it, sorry) that I got another one of these, because once again, it was part of their gift set. The Sexy Motherpucker XL comes in a squeezy tube rather than with a doe foot applicator and claims to plump your lips even more than its little sister. It's a thick pink gloss which goes on clear, unless you apply ridiculous amounts. And yes, it does tingle. A lot. And no, it's not overly sticky. It also smells really nice and I do like and use this product every now and then but, the plumping effect just isn't noticeable. To be honest, I think we just pout a little more whenever we're applying a plumping gloss. But that may as well just be me being weird. Anyway, there's not much more to say about this product really. I feel like all I have done so far is slate lip plumpers, but don't get me wrong, the packaging, scent, and texture of this are lovely. I probably won't repurchase this though, seeing as this tube is going to last me a while anyway. If you like plumping glosses, this one is probably amazing (I refuse to think anything else of Soap&Glory*) but I'm just not into them.

How do you feel about plumping glosses? Have you found one that actually works?

*although my reviews are always a 100% honest! I'd never recommend a product I don't like!


  1. Such a pretty colour x

  2. I've not tried this squeezy tube version but I know what you mean about lip plumpers, i've never really got them! They just feel tingly for a few seconds then that's it...

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    :) x