MAC x Simpsons Blushers - Pink Sprinkles & Sideshow You

I know, I know. Blogging about a product that was limited edition is practically a beauty bloggers crime. But let me explain: I've been a HUGE Simpsons fan for ages now, so naturally I've been waiting for this MAC collection to come out ever since it has been announced. I was at work when it went online and, as it goes with MAC collections, they sell out within a matter of minutes. I was lucky enough to snap up two genuine ones from eBay (bit risky, I know) so I thought you might enjoy some makeup porn today. I know I would!

The texture of these is incredible, they're super soft, easy to blend and very pigmented, which is something I really appreciate about limited edition products, as a tiny little bit goes a long way. The colours are gorgeous as well - Pink Sprinkles is a lovely medium pink "I've just been for a nice autumnal walk" shade, when in fact you've been sitting in front of your computer blogging all day. Sideshow You is even prettier, it's a gorgeous peachy pink shade with a hint of shimmer, think a muted Nars Orgasm kind of shade. I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am to have gotten my hands on both of them!

Did you get anything from the MAC x Simpsons collection?


  1. Beautiful colours! I'm a huge Simpsons fan too!! Love the packaging.

  2. heya lovely! I have nominated you for the liebster blog award! The post is on my blog; let me know in a comment if you do it! :)

    Tanith xx

  3. these blushes look so beautiful! unfortnatley I didn't get anything from the Simpsons mac collection even though I wish I did :)

    Melissa || x x