Zoella Beauty

If you're anything like me, you'll be super excited about today's post. I'm finally putting in my two cents on Zoe's gorgeous new beauty range Zoella Beauty!

Those of you who are following my blog, Twitter or Insta will know I'm such a fan girl it's embarrassing. You're probably sick of people gushing over her, but she's such an inspiration to me. I started following her blog back in 2009 and it's incredible how far she has come..but let's focus on the products, otherwise I'll be sitting here all night. I obviously placed an order right after her line launched on FeelUnique and, different to what I'm used to, my parcel was with me within four days. There have been times I've been waiting just over six weeks, but that's a whole new ball game.. The first thing I noticed about Zoe's range was that everything is really affordable. The makeup bags and body mist are £8 each, the bath soak, fizz bar, body lotion, and candle are a fiver each. I for one could not resist the pink makeup bag, it has polka dots and a nerdy guinea pig on it, which I think is adorable. My order arrived the day before I went on holiday earlier this month, so I've put it to the test already and I can confirm that this little bag holds A LOT of makeup. I managed to squeeze in three foundations, 12 lipsticks, powders, eyeshadows and blushes galore. I never owned a makeup bag which held half of my collection before, so I'm quite chuffed with that. 

I also got the Soak Opera bath soak and Blissful Mistful body mist to see whether I liked the scent, and I do really like it, it's a very fresh, slightly floral kind of scent; it just doesn't blow me away. I somehow expected it to become my new favourite scent, which is really silly thinking about it now, haha! The packaging is gorgeous though and it sits nicely on my new dressing table. It's very girly and I love the lace and polka dot design. I'm excited to try the rest of her range now, as I really like the products I got!

Did you get any of her products? What are your thoughts on 'YouTube celebrities' launching their own beauty/clothing ranges?


  1. I say good luck to them - really good to see someone transition their blog into a career. Not for me, but the make up bag is cool. Stephen ;o)

  2. I picked up the body mist and the candle! I really like the body mist, a simple everyday scent!