For richer, for poorer - or how to avoid bankruptcy as a wedding guest

Recently I have been lucky enough to attend what has been one of the poshest weddings I've ever been invited to. And with the invitation came a bunch of questions: what am I going to wear? (I have a closet full of nothing to wear, you see) Where are we going to stay? What would make a great wedding gift? And lastly: HOW am I going to pay for all of this? With my boyfriend still being a student and me paying back my student loan we're not exactly rich either. Que the Experian CreditExpert. I know you're probably thinking this is just another sponsored post but I do actually think the survey on the costs of being a wedding guest carried out by Experian is super interesting - especially if you're in a relationship and the two of you tend to fight over money issues every now and then (I'm not judging, I know all too well how hard it can be, especially if you're still paying back your student loan!) So why not check the survey out and grab some advice on how to avoid a row before the next wedding you attend? 

The one thing that seriously astonished me was that 4% of Brits (that's nearly 1 million people!) have spent around £2000 per year attending other people's weddings - Imagine spending that amount of £££ on makeup! And with that being said, it's worth planning ahead to avoid any extra costs. Whether it's a reasonably priced hotel or amazing discounts on your favourite outfits, these links have got you covered. I for one am not going to miss out on the 20% off at Kurt Geiger!

Have you attended a wedding recently?
What are your top tips for saving a couple of quid as a wedding guest?

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