Oopsie Daisy! Drugstore Haul

Well as you might know, drugstores can cause damages to your bank account as well if, like me you're unable to decide between necessities and non-essentials. I love to splurge on drugstore cosmetics every now and then although I still prefer Boots and Superdrug over German drugstores. 'dm' is the most popular one over here and they stock a wide variety of cosmetics but if youre looking for high-end cosmetics you'll have to look for a perfume shop [in case you're visiting Germany any time soon ;)] I'm planning on showing you a few hauls in the future, hope this is your cuppa!

My favourite drugstore brand has to be Catrice though, I love their packaging as it doesn't look cheap or anything and the products are of high quality as well. I also love Essence, a really reasonably priced brand which you can buy from Ulta if you're living in the States. So last month I took a little trip down there to 'just have a look' and this resulted in a few new goodies which I'm going to show you gals now! :)

excuse the poor quality, the lighting didnt harmonise with my camera..

As you can see in the pictures above, I'm really into shimmer and glitter! :) Except for the highlighting powder which was €5 [£4] each item was about €2-3 [not going to convert all the prices but you can check it on google no offence!] so luckily this didnt break the bank this time.

I'm going to do a review on the eye base soon, comparing it to Shadow Insurance by TooFaced so I'm not giving away anything about it just now! The long lasting cream shadow by Essence is a lovely pinky-gold which will have to serve as a highlighter for my browbones as it looks quite streaky on the lids but it's a really lovely colour nontheless and its a real bargain! 
The actual highlighter powder is a nice golden peachy colour as well and I doubt ever hitting the pan as it's huge [11g/0.4oz] but maybe I'll rediscover it when I'm shopping my stash next year ;) [did you do this tag? if so let me know I loved watching vlogs/reading posts on this!] Up next is a pigment, also Essence, in a lovely golden colour which is meant to be used with the eye base. Essence Pigments come in a wide range of shades and I think these are quite similar to Barry M's Dazzling Dusts! If you are interested in these you might contact me and I'll see what I can do for you.

I also got a holographic topcoat, swatches of that coming soon and while I'm at it, there is to come a series on my blog called 'polished' since I'm really addicted to buying nailpolish anytime, anywhere I can so I'm uploading swatches on a regular basis! Last but not least I bought a new mascara and plain black eyeliner as I was running out of all the other ones strangely enough! 

Like I already mentioned, I'm quite new to blogging and I'd appreciate any comments and tips from you! I've been especially worried about taking the plunge and set up a whole new blog in English so do let me know what you think!


  1. DM, is that Douglas? My Oma always gets me stuff from there when she's visiting the UK :) xx


    1. Well no lovely :) you can compare Douglas to The Perfume Shop in the UK whereas DM stands for 'DrogerieMarkt' which is basically a drugstore very similar to Superdrug! xx