OOTD Last Days Of Summer

Hiya lovelys! Hope you're all doing well :)

So Google/Blogger decided to have me on and banned my account for almost 2 days because they thought it's a spam blog [never came across one of those so it might have been worth the hassle!] so I couldn't really go on preparing posts boo-hoo! 
I have a summery outfit to show you today though because I got around to transfer all the pictures I still had on my phone to my laptop finally since I'm usually to lazy to do this regularly.

Babydoll&shorts - H&M
sandals - Primark
Jewellery - Accessorize
Excuse the headless picture, still haven't figured how to take proper pictures of outfits, any recommendations on that would be appreciated!
I wore this to a BBQ in a friends garden when it was about 39 degrees and trust me I would of gone naked if I could it was just SO hot!
I'm not one to take pictures of my outfits everyday as I don't really dress all fancy anytime I leave the house and I'm admiring all the ladies who manage to look posh all the time!

Do leave a comment if you like [or loathe!] this outfit and outfit posts in general, I'm always very keen on everyones opinion as long as people keep being polite :)

Another subject was occupying my mind lately and that's the #bbloggers chat on Twitter. I've joined it for the first time ever last wednesday and at first I've been overwhelmed because I just used Twitter to..well tweet about random things until then haha. But I thought it might be a good idea to somehow participate in the english blogger community as I feel german bbloggers are quite different to that. Very few of them are on Twitter [or being chatty in general!] and it's just not as established. I've literally sat on my bed for an hour being excited and as happy as a lark because people kept replying to my tweets haha! So I think this is a great way to keep in touch with other bloggers and everyone is so kind giving you helpful tips and all that. Really looking forward to the next chat on wednesday, if by any chance you stumble across my blog and haven't heard about bbloggers chat, check out their blog here!

So do you participate in the #bbloggers chat on Twitter at all? What's your opinion on it? What else are you all up to on the weekend?