Five things you didn't know you needed in your handbag!

Hiya lovelies! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

Today I've got a bit of a different post for you. I've recently been contacted and asked to share these nifty little products every girl needs in their handbag with you. Since I'm the kind of girl to carry everything and the kitchen sink I thought this could be useful to some of you as well.
Open any woman's handbag and you'll probably find essentials like house keys, purse, mobile phone and maybe the odd lipstick. However, there are other useful daily tools you might not even have thought of. Here are five items that every woman should have on hand to take on the world!

First aid kit
While you can't really lug around a kit for every emergency, having a mini first aid package on hand can be helpful. Take along antibacterial wipes, tweezers and a pack of plasters or small bandages so you'll be ready for any minor panic.
Hand sanitiser
Germs are everywhere and no one likes getting sick. While many just put getting the flu down to bad luck, there are plenty of precautions you can take to avoid this winter woe. A nifty hand sanitiser can help to keep germs at bay, although you'll still need to wash your hands fairly regularly.
Swiss Army knife
This useful little tool can help out in a tight situation. Whether you need to cut something, open a bottle of wine at an impromptu event or even file away a broken nail, the Swiss Army knife comes with a load of useful features that any woman could do with. Avoid a shock when you reach into your bag by choosing one from the range of handbags at Very that features an inner pocket where you can tuck the knife away. With one of these gadgets you'll never have to leave the hands-on stuff to the boys again! 
There's nothing worse than shivering away at the bus stop because you've left your gloves at home. Grab a warm pair in neutral tones that will go with any outfit, and leave them in your handbag for those days when the weather shifts suddenly from balmy to blizzard.
Sewing kit
Whether it's a ripped shirt just before an important meeting or a loose button that's dangling off a coat, we've all had a moment where a needle and thread would come in handy. Keeping a mini sewing kit in your bag enables you to spring into action rather than fretting someone will notice the new tear.

Replace the sweet wrappers and receipts littering your bag with these handy products, and you'll be ready for anything!

I hope you found this post helpful lovelies!
Are you going to add any of these items to the contents of your handbag?

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  1. Such a useful post! I always carry hand sanitiser but none of the other products

    1. Glad you found it helpful :) Hand sanitiser is a must! xx