Lacquered #3

Hiya lovelies!

Everyone has at least one nasty habit right? Well, I've been biting my nails ever since I was a wee girl. When I started reading blogs and eventually started my own I kind of became obsessed with nail polish and I finally managed to stop. Over the years I've managed to accumulate quite a number of nail varnishes and I keep buying them. A while ago I started a series called "Lacquered" where I blog about the polishes I bought over a certain period of time and I noticed that I haven't done one of those in ages.

As you might be able to tell from the pictures these are mainly summery shades. The two Essie shades are from their Naughty Nautical summer collection but I think they look equally lovely during autumn. The p2 polishes are acceptable to wear during autumn as well, especially the nude one obviously. I also love a good navy polish at this time of the year. The topcoat is made of blue, greenish gold, and black coloured sequins and looks just beautiful layered over a white or black base. Last but by no means least I picked up three Essence polishes from their Me&My Ice Cream collection. This was available during summer and I chose a gorgeous pastel mint, pink, and purple. Now I know p2 isn't available in the UK unfortunately, I bought these in Germany but I'm sure there are similar if not identical shades available in Boots/Superdrug. I've got the next "Lacquered" post waiting in my drafts already so I hope you enjoyed today's post lovelies! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter.

What are your favourite nail polishes?


  1. The essence one is gorgeous!

  2. I definitely have more then one nasty habit, ha! Love the cobalt blue colour its so gorgeous!

    1. Well trust me this wasn't my only bad habit haha! x