My Hair Care Routine [Sort Of...]

I'm sorry about the weird facial expression, it's just to give you an idea of what my hair currently looks like

Hiya lovelies!

I don't know about you but reading my favourite blogs such as The Jewel Beauty, Sophia Meola, BirdsWords or Couture Girl always results in major hair envy. My hair is naturally quite thick and wavy but I couldn't hate it more if I tried. It's so unruly it's insane, so today's post isn't going to be your typical "how to achieve these gorgeous locks" but more of a "this is probably how not to do it". So these are the products I've been using on my hair for quite a long time now:


I've been using Aussie for years now and I love the whole range. Every single product smells to die for, especially the bubblegum scent of their Miracle Moist range. You can even smell it through the bottle, it's that intense! I've never been one to fuss over shampoo or hair care in general, I like that it makes my hair feel and look clean and that's as far as it goes. The conditioner doesn't feel as creamy as some conditioners, it's more of a balmy conditioner which I like. I feel that the majority of conditioners make my hair look greasy which isn't the case with this one. [Boots £4.69, currently on offer 3for£10]

Masks&Leave-In Sprays

If my hair is in need of some TLC the Dove Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner is the product I turn to. Like most Dove products this smells amazing but not overpowering. One minute later my hair feels super soft and nourished, again, without looking greasy (greasy hair is one of my pet peeves). My hair has been really damaged from bleach and heat but this mask definitely sorted it out. [Boots £3.99, currently on offer save 1/3]

In case I've got a bit more time on my hands I like using the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment which you can read my review of here. You leave this on for five minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly. It has quite a strong, musky scent which personally I like and although it doesn't make my hair grow faster, it definitely makes it look and feel proper healthy. [Boots £7.99, currently on offer 3for2]

I've got two favourite leave-in sprays, one of them being the Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Gloss Hair Express-Repair Conditioner (really Schwarzkopf?) which smells lovely and really nourishes your hair. I never would have thought a leave-in spray could be good at making your hair feel and look soft and healthy but this one is. It's a real bargain, too! [Superdrug £3.79] 
My other favourite leave-in spray is the Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance. This doesn't necessarily nourish my hair but detangles it. It also smells amazing and a little goes a long way. Most of the time I combine this with the Gliss leave-in spray to make my hair look shiny and smooth. [Boots £4.99, currently on offer 3for£10]


The Bastiste dry shampoo is a must for those days I can't be bothered to wash my hair. This is my favourite dry shampoo ever and I'm always stocked up on this. My favourite scents are Wild, Lace and Brit, although unfortunately Lace and Brit have been discontinued, boo! Batiste (or dry shampoo in general) gives your hair a bit more oomph when it looks dull so it's definitely a staple in my hair care routine! [Boots £2.99, currently on offer save 1/3]

The last item in my hair care routine is the Tangle Teezer. I've had mine for about two years now and it looks a bit grubby but I just love it so much and always carry it around with me! I've raved about it in my October Favourites post if you fancy a read. [Boots £10.99]

I really hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! I'd love to hear what products you're using to achieve healthy, shiny hair. Any tips regarding hairstyling are welcome as well!


  1. I swear by my tangle teezer, investment worthy xoxo

    1. Can't live without mine too! x