The Battle Of The Eyeshadow Primers - Too Faced vs. Essence

Hiya lovelies! I only just realised this is my 100th post, woo-hoo!
Before I get cracking with The Battle Of The Eyshadow Primers let me say thank you first. I really appreciate the time you take to read and comment on my posts. It honestly makes my day whenever I get a lovely comment and I couldn't be more greatful for nearly 300 readers. This may not seem much to you but I'm really proud of my little bloggy. So yeh, thank you for reading dolls! xxx

Today's post is all about eyeshadow primers. Since using my MAC paint pots on a daily basis I've neglected these primers so I thought a blog post would be a good way to show them some love. I'm going to compare the Too Faced Shadow Insurane to the Essence Colour Arts Eye Base, who do you think will win?

Let's start with the packaging. The Too Faced Shadow Insurance comes in a beautiful mint coloured tube with a generous 11g of product. The Essence Eye Base has nothing on the Too Faced version, it comes in a plain blue squeezy tube containing around 7g. It has a lip gloss-type nozzle which is alright but again, the Too Faced version wins this category with its really small nozzle which makes it so easy to use without wasting any product.

Now onto the colour and cosistency. The Essence version is a transparent, gel-like texture which glides over the lids with ease. It feels slightly sticky which is great if you're going to apply loose pigments. The Too Faced primer has a concealer-esque colour and feels creamier than the Essence version. This certainly covers any discolouration on the lids but also has a major downside to it:

Eyeshadow: Artdeco #18 light misty wood
As you can see, the Essence Eye Base really makes the colour pop whilst the Shadow Insurance makes it appear a tad dull and lacklustre which is a shame. It might be good for toning down a sparkly eyeshadow but I'm quite disappointed by it as it even changes the colour of the eyeshadow!
Regarding the staying power, the Essence base does last quite well and definitely extends the staying power of your eyeshadow. The Too Faced version however doesn't do anything for me, it creases after a couple of hours and just generally can't keep up with the Eye Base in terms of quality. 

The verdict: I'd say save yourself £17 and get a MAC paint pot (or 5 Essence Eye Bases) instead. As much as I love the Too Faced packaging and their bronzers, this product is a no-no. There are four different versions of the Shadow Insurance available, so the others might work better but I can't comment on that as I've only tried this one. 

Have you tried any of these primers? What are your thoughts on them?


  1. This was super helpful - I never realised how much difference a base makes! Plus it's good to know the cheaper version was the better!

    Georgina at

    1. Glad you found it helpful! Doesn't always have to be high end, does it :) xx