Glam up for a Girls’ Night Out!


Us Brits are all familiar with the winter blues – united in our distain for the relentless cold, wet weather, the dreary dark mornings and stormy nights. It’s no wonder we get lazy and choose to hibernate at home, running up our heating bills, rather than socialise with our friends, even at the weekends!

But maybe it’s time to break the winter monotony – bite the bullet and organise a girls’ night out! Sometimes, getting glammed up for a girly group catch-up is just what we need to give us that winter boost! Okay, so sometimes it can seem like a lot of effort turning out on a dark, cold (possibly wet) night, with the threat of frizzy hair and running mascara, but your friends are worth it, right?!

Choose your outfit
What’s more, a night out with your besties is surely the perfect excuse to treat yourself to that new dress that you know you deserve! It’s true that we’re all watching the pennies at this time of year, after the inevitable expense of the Christmas season, but if you know where to look you can find a fashion bargain that won’t break the bank. Check out George dresses at Asda for a great selection to suit any style and occasion, at a price that will make you feel smug!

Choosing your outfit is all part of the fun and anticipation of a girls’ night out. It doesn’t matter what your style - whether it’s big heels and big hair, sleek and sophisticated or casual and understated – it’s all about wearing what makes you feel confident. If you’re into accessorising, there are some great pieces of statement jewellery on the high street and online, to complement your new outfit. Check out websites like Pinterest for inspiration too.

Paint the town red
Your girls’ night out can be whatever you want it to be. For some, it’s an excuse to paint the town red, getting dolled up to the nines and hopping from bar to bar – maybe even ending up in a club and dancing the night away! There’s a lot to be said for properly letting your hair down, but fun as it is, don’t forget that taxi fares, club entry and a big drinks tab will leave you with an inevitable dent in your bank balance and more than likely a hangover to boot! (Be particularly wary if you have kids who insist on dragging you out of bed at the crack of dawn!)

Restaurants and gigs
If you want a fun filled evening without going too crazy, there are plenty more options. How about selecting a lively restaurant where you can sit and natter over good food and a few glasses of wine? Places like Las Iguanas and Pizza Express offer a winning atmosphere and great food at a reasonable price. Or choose a local eatery you all know and love. Other themes for your evening could include a comedy club, the theatre or a local gig or concert. Look out for live music nights at pubs in your area – there’s nothing like a good groove to help you chill out in the company of friends and put those winter blues to bed!

Whatever you decide to do, make it a date with your friends - and enjoy! 

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