Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner

Botanics is a brand I've always wanted to try. Since I love trying new toners I thought I would pick up the Cleansing Toner from their All Bright range. It claims to cleanse impurities and freshen the skin with brightening hibiscus and natural AHA's. I somehow expected this to smell nice and fresh but it actually smells a wee bit medical, which was disappointing at first to be honest. However, this toner works a treat at keeping my skin clear! The strange thing about this is that, although it's obviously liquid, it isn't as wet as most toners if that makes any sense. It still removes every last trace of makeup and makes my skin feel fresh and clean and I use this religously every morning and evening before my moisturiser. I haven't had a single spot since using this toner (touch wood) and I haven't changed anything else in my skincare routine, so it must be down to this little gem! I also really like the packaging, I think it looks really snazzy, who would have thought this was only £3.99? It's actually on offer in Boots at the minute making it a bargainous £2.66, I recommend trying this toner and really want to try some more products from the range!

Have you tried any Botanics products you would recommend? What is your favourite toner?

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  1. I've been looking for a toner to help with my skin for a while, will definitely give this a go. Such a good price as well!

    Catherine xx