Wishlist Wednesday - Kiko Make Up Milano

Hiya lovelies, I hope you're all well.

Can I just say I'm glad to be back! My internet wasn't working for four days (more like four months) so I couldn't post anything or even publish scheduled posts. But anyway, I'm back with a Wishlist Wednesday post today, yay!

I went shopping with my sister yesterday and unfortunately she dragged me into a Kiko store. I haven't tried much from them, but the things I have tried - like their blending brush - really did impress me. Trust me, I easily could of bought everything if I wasn't skint, that's why I decided to put together a Kiko wishlist, you know, just in case someone needs some payday treat inspiration..I hope you enjoy this post, make sure to let me know what's on your wishlist at the minute!

1) Soft Light Powder - £11.90 - This one kind of reminded me of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powders, minus the heavy price tag! The shade range isn't as good as MAC's, but if it's just as good in terms of quality, we're onto a winner.

2) Rock Attraction Blush - £12.90 - I swatched this beauty in store and immediately fell for the shade Pop Apricot. You might know I'm a sucker for anything peachy coral and this limited edition blush is right up my street!

3) Revitalizing Elastic Scrub - £12.90 -  Who doesn't love a good scrub? I know I do! The bright pink tub caught my eye immediately, it just looks so pretty and summery. The scrub itself is bright pink as well, which is perfect for a girly girl like myself. But not only does it look lovely, it also smells pretty amazing. It has a light floral fragrance which reminds me of summer holidays spent in Italy as a kid. What's not to love?

4) Sun Lovers Blush - £14.90 - Another limited edition blusher which is too pretty to pass up! This one is from their Life In Rio collection and it's a duo blusher. With a pearly bronze shade on the left and a soft coral shade on the right you can either wear this as a blusher or as a highlighter. I love a good multitasker!

5) Palette Clics System 9 Pan Palette - £9.90 - With their Palette Clic System Kiko has launched a line similar to the MAC Pro Palettes. You can choose between five different sizes which hold up to 24 eyeshadows and the refills are more affordable than the MAC ones, too. The shade range is really impressive with over 100 shades and different finishes to choose from. I have swatched a couple of shades in store and mentally put together a list of shades to build my own palette soon.

Have you tried any of these products? Has anything caught your eye?

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