Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

In the past year I've really come to love my skincare. Ever since discovering Caroline Hirons blog - the skincare goddess in case you didn't know - I've really made an effort to look after my skin properly. Glycolic acids, second cleanse, serums, you name it, I've tried it. One of the products that really stood out to me is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery ConcentrateBefore putting in my two cents, can I just say: the Kiehl's custumer service stands above any other. With an in-depth skin consultation and up to three free samples (without purchase, mind you) they really make sure you get the most out of your visit. Take note brands - in most cases their samples made me buy the fullsize product, simply because I'm able to thoroughly try something before splashing out on it. Also, and that's even more important than free samples, their products never fail to deliver. MRC is no exception. They gave me a generously sized sample in store and that's that. I fell in love. But enough rambling, here's the deets! 

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is an overnight treatment suited for all skin types. It comes in three sizes, 15, 30ml (£37) and 50ml (£49). I've got the purse friendly 15ml size (which I don't think you can get in the UK, but keep your eyes peeled if you're going on holiday abroad!). Considering you literally only need three drops per application, this should last me a while. Now, three drops doesn't sound much, but trust me, it's enough to cover your whole face and part of your neck. It has a lovely, relaxing lavender scent which isn't overpowering at all. Kiehl's recommend putting 2-3 drops onto the palms of your hand (it comes with a dropper) and patting your palms together before applying it to cheeks, chin and forehead. You're then supposed to lightly pat it into your skin with your fingertips and although this sounds like quite a hassle, this technique is actually pretty quick and easy. It doesn't feel overly oily too, which is always a bonus if you ask me! You then just let it work its magic overnight. My skin has been acting up like there's no tomorrow recently but this little gem never failed to perk it up again. It calms down spotty or just generally problematic skin and really does what it says on the tin: Younger-looking skin by morning! Another thing I love about Kiehl's products is that they're mostly natural. MRC for example is made from 99.8% naturally derived ingredients. What's not to love?

Have you tried the Midnight Recovery Concentrate or it's daytime counterpart, the Daily Reviving Concentrate? Have you tried anything else from Kiehl's? I'd love to hear your recommmendations!

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