Good Things - skincare that smells good enough to eat (but don't!)

If you dislike heavily scented skincare products, read no further. If that's not the case and you're into your nice smelling lotions and potions, read on! 

In case you haven't heard of Good Things, it was founded by beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis and launched in Boots in 2010. It's also available at Asda by now. The whole range is kept super simple and aims to tackle three different skin concerns. There's the Superfoods range for young/problematic skin, which contains a├žai berries, blueberries and raspberries to clear skin from excess oils and fight impurities. The Manuka Honey range helps fighting the first signs of aging, whilst the Argan Oil range contains a bunch of anti-oxidants and moisturising components for mature skin. 

The good thing (no pun intended) is that their products are mostly natural, they don't contain mineral oils or parabens and they also don't test on animals. If you're into organic skincare and organic skincare only, they're not for you, but a brand where everything is under a tenner you surely wouldn't expect it to be. Good, now that I got the facts out of the way, let's talk about the products! I've got the micellar water and the detox mask from the Superfoods range, as well as the facial oil from the Argan Oil range. If you're wondering why I picked up a product for mature skin, I'll come to that in a minute.

The Acai Berry Multi-Tasking Micellar Water smells very intense, it has a sweet fruity scent which lingers on your skin for quite some time after use. I for one love it, but I know a lot of people hate heavily scented products, so that's something to keep in mind. It comes in a 250ml bottle and retails at £4.49. I usually only use micellar waters to get rid of waterproof eye makeup before double cleansing with a flannel (there you go Caroline Hirons), and the Good Things one does a good job at this. It does have kind of a "dry" feel to it if you know what I mean, some micellar waters can feel slippery whereas this feels more like the Garnier one. I also like using this as a little pick-me-up in the mornings as I love the scent so much, and I'll be repurchasing this once I run out.

The Five Minute Facial face mask is another great little product. It's a clay mask which dries down (so much so that you can not talk, thank god it just takes five minutes), and you can really see the gunk being drawn out of your skin (gross)! It can be removed either with a damp flannel or rinsed off with warm water. I always use a flannel to get that extra bit of exfoliation. This contains green clay and kaolin to fight impurities, avocado oil to moisturise and goji berry extract to brighten the skin. It's an amazing mask to use before a night out, or when your skin feels a bit dull as you can instantly see the results. I found this left my skin much clearer and brighter after only one use. This doesn't smell as artificial as the micellar water and a 100ml tube retails for £5.99 which is quite a bargain. It should last me ages but I'd repurchase this too should I ever run out.

The Perfecting Facial Oil is actually aimed at mature skin, which obviously I don't have. I was on the lookout for an inexpensive facial oil and came across this one, so I thought I'd give it a try since it's only £6.99 for a 30ml bottle. This has quite a subtle scent to it. I've tried proper anti-aging products before and I'm pleased to confirm, they are too rich for my 20-something skin most of the time. This facial oil is different. You only need a tiny amount, I usually use 3-4 drops, and it makes my skin feel incredibly soft. Although it doesn't sink in straight away, it's not greasy at all. Thanks to sweet almond and olive oils as well as fatty acids, it nourishes and moisturises your skin leaving it super smooth. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're in the market for a facial oil that doesn't break the bank! Overall I'm really impressed with all three products and already have my eye on the cleansing oil and serum now.

Have you tried anything from Good Things?

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  1. This range sounds amazing! The miscellar water sounds perfect :)