Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Set

Can I just say, where has the bloody time gone? It's a mere 9 sleeps until Christmas morning and I'm honestly starting to freak out. Today I realised it's the 16th already so I rushed into town to buy the remaining pressies for my family and friends and got - nothing. Every single thing on my list seemed to have been sold out, which does have me quite worried! Every year I'm trying to convince myself that I'm starting earlier next year but that's just never happening. In terms of blogging it feels like I only posted the other week. Well it's actually three weeks ago. I had a ton of blog posts planned for the festive season which I'm now trying to post in the upcoming two weeks. I still can't get my head around how quickly time goes by the older you get. Who's with me? Anyway, enough of my old lady rambles, that's not what you came for is it?

Like most beauty bloggers I love a good bargain, so TK Maxx is basically my second home. It's also the place I snapped up this Real Techniques Bold Metals brush set. Honestly, nothing beats TK Maxx when it comes to beauty bargains! When these were released last year I liked the look of them but found them quite pricey compared to the basic range which I've been loving and using for years now, so why would I spend double the price on these?! But since everyone kept raving about them I thought I'd give them a go when I spotted this set for £20 (RRP £60).

The set contains three brushes, the gold 103 angled powder brush (a set exclusive), the rose gold 300 tapered blush brush and the silver 200 oval shadow brush, each with a long and pointy handle which does look quite chic but isn't convenient at all. I'm not sure if it's just me being clumsy but I seem to drop these more often than my other brushes. They are not as heavy as I'd like them to be, that's because they're plastic and the brush heads are way heavier than the handles.

Now that I got my complaints out of the way, let's see why these are great brushes nonetheless. First of all, they're SO, SO soft. Probably the softest brushes I've ever had! The bristles are synthetic and have a colour-coordinated gradient design. All of their brushes are of course cruelty free which is definitely another bonus. The angled powder brush is huge which personally I like but if you found their original powder brush too big, you won't like this either. It picks up just enough product so that you don't have to tap off any excess.
The cheek brush is quite pointed and I find it a tad too small to use as a blush brush but if you just want a pop of colour on your cheeks this would be perfect. I've tried using this as a highlighter brush but I've got a Zoeva one which does a much better job (review coming soon!), so I still need to find a use for this one.
The eyeshadow brush is quite stiff. I originally thought it would make a good blending brush but as it's so big I prefer using it to buff in my concealer. It also works great as an all over shading brush.

Overall I'm quite happy with this set especially for twenty quid. The brushes would be £22, £19 and £15 if bought individually, or you could snap up a similar collection from Boots for £40, so this definitely was quite a bargain. However, I wouldn't pay the full price for these as I like my other RT brushes just as much, if not better, and they're much cheaper too.

Have you tried anything from the RT Bold Metals collection? What's your favourite from the range?

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