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Hiya lovelies! Back in January one of my favourite bloggers Siobhan, who runs A Girl & A Beauty Blog wrote a post about her Real Techniques collection and how she uses them. I then thought why not make a tag out of this, so thanks Siobhan for coming up with this idea and for making the start with your amazing post! :) If you'd like to do this tag you obviously just write about the brushes you own and how you use each one. 

Buffing brush - This is one of the few brushes I actually use for its intended purpose. It's is honestly the best foundation brush I've ever used, it creates such a flawless finish especially with liquid foundations. I just wish you could buy this seperately, since it only comes in the Core Collection or Sam's Picks brush set.

Pointed foundation brushI have no use for this whatsoever, so if you have any suggestions on what to use this for, let me know! 

Contour brush - Since this brush is quite small and dense, it has become my go to highlighter brush. It's the perfect size for highlighting your cheekbones, cupids bow and the bridge of your nose, or wherever else you want to add a bit of a glow.

Detailer brush - I never would of thought this was supposed to be a concealer brush, it's tiny! But that's what makes it the perfect lip brush, it's precise and easy to work with.

Blush brush - the blush brush I used to use before this was just a cheapo one, its bristles felt like razors if I remember correctly, ha! The RT blush brush is so so soft and it took me a while to get used to it but once I figured it out, it made applying blusher so much easier. It's slightly tapered and helps blending the colour. No one likes harsh lines when it comes to blush, right?

Powder brush - This is probably one of the largest brushes ever. It's perfect for applying a setting powder, I do however use another, smaller powder brush to set my under eye concealer and the parts around my nose, since this brush is too big for that. It's also great for adding a layer of illuminating powder such as the Bourjois Java Rice Powder or Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders.

Setting brush - I used to use this one to apply a setting powder underneath my eyes until I saw Lily Pebbles talk about this brush in a video. She said she used it for concealer, and I've been doing the same ever since. It's the perfect brush to hide those dark under eye circles as well as the red bits around my nose.

Expert face brush - this goes exceptionally well with cream based products. I prefer liquid foundation though so I'm not using this for cream formulas all too often. I do however like to use this to buff in a highlighting concealer on my chin, nose, and forehead.

Multitask brush - my brush of choice when it comes to contouring. I know there might be better options out there, but my brush collection isn't that big so I'll just have to work with what I got.

Essential foundation brushIf you own this brush you'll know it's too small to apply foundation properly. I usually use this to apply primers as you don't have to be as precise with primers as with foundation.

Domed shadow brush - I use this fluffy brush as a blending brush, it's the perfect size for blending out any harsh lines. It's also great for applying a sheer wash of colour all over the lid.

I hope you enjoyed this tag lovelies, make sure you send me the links to your post on Twitter if you decide to do it!


  1. I have seen them in Britain and on some blogs.. perhabs next time...

  2. Lovely post hun! I might do this too

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  3. I use the Pointed Foundation brush to clean up with concealer when I'm wearing bright lipstick for if it smudges a little! Lovely tag, I love my RT brushes :)
    xElise -

  4. My favourite is the concealer brush- perfect for my thick erase paste concealer and the blush brush which is amazing if you just want to distribute a little bit of product. I also love reading posts like this to get more ideas on how to use them!