17 Phwoarr Paint

After reviewing the The Balm TimeBalm concealer earlier this month, I thought today I'd share my thoughts on the 17 Phwoarr Paint I picked up in my latest Boots haul. The reason I bought this was that Zoella mentioned it either in one of her videos or on Twitter, so I obviously had to try it. Anything that's good enough for her, is good enough for me! But, let's move on to the concealer. The Phwoarr Paint claims to be a heavy duty under eye concealer and comes in a mere two shades, fair and medium. Luckily, fair looks just about right on my NC20-25 skin, although I always use a brightening concealer on top when putting this under my eyes, since it's not brightenig on its own. A few more shades would be brilliant, 17!

Now that being said, I prefer using this around my nose and chin or to conceal any blemishes, rather than my dark undereye circles, as it creases quite easily. I'd like to point out, though, that I still haven't found a concealer which doesn't crease on me, god knows why, so this doesn't mean the Phwoarr Paint is a bad concealer! The coverage and staying power are great and it's also a lot creamier than the TimeBalm. With a moisturised and plump under eye area it would probably work a lot better.

My verdict - great if you're on a budget, for £5.49 you get a high coverage concealer with great staying power. 17 is available to buy in Boots.

Have you tried this concealer? What is your favourite under eye concealer?


  1. Oh this looks great!


  2. This looks really good, reasonable price too, thanks for the review!

    I definitely have a few things to buy next time I'm shopping!

    Laura - Laura's All Made Up ♥

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  3. I've been trying this recently too! I totally agree that it's not that great under eyes like it says, definitely works better on the rest of the face!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog