Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blasters - The High Life & Butter Berry Blaster

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend, a very happy Easter and a shed load of chocolate! I for one, feel like I'm having a chocolate baby, so yesterday I decided to have a hot bath with the last Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb in my stash. I exclaimed my love for the Bomb Cosmetics Cherry Bathe-Well bath blaster a little while ago. Since then I got my mitts on two more bath bombs to try, namely the The High Life bath blaster and the Butter Berry Blaster.

The High Life has the nicest fruity scent, the label says that it smells like strawberries and fizzy sparkling wine and I have to agree, it does remind me of the Strawberries&Champagne scent by Victoria's Secret. There's something luxurious yet relaxing about the scent, which makes it perfect to use before a night out! It turns the water into a subtle shade of pink and the scent lasts just as long as it does with Lush bath bombs. The High Life also contains a couple of rose petals which float around the bath and make it look super fancy. Definitely one I'd repurchase! That's what made me even more excited to try the Butter Berry Blaster as I thought it sounded really promising, so I saved this one until last. Unfortunately this has been the most disappointing bath bomb I've ever tried. It looks gorgeous and smells really nice as long as it's still packaged, however, once thrown in the bath, it doesn't release any scent at all. It doesn't even colour the water, it just spreads hundreds of cranberry seeds across the bath! All of the Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs left my skin feeling soft, but this one didn't do anything for me. Although the Butter Berry Blaster has been a let down, I absolutely loved the first ones I tried, especially because they're jam packed with natural ingredients, and I'll definitely try some more of their bath bombs. At £2.29 a pop it would be rude not to! Finger's crossed they will be just as amazing as the Cherry Bathe-Well blaster.

Have you tried any Bomb Cosmetics products? 


  1. never heard or tried these before but i do love bath bombs will have to give them a go

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  2. Hey girly, I nominated you for the liebster award!

  3. Ah I'm so desperate to try this brand as you know how much I love the LUSH bath bombs! #twinnies
    It's a shame you didn't enjoy the second bath bomb as much but the others sound gorgeous! I'm definitely going to give them a try! Great post lovely! xo