Soap&Glory Sunday #15 - Hand Food Hand Cream

It's Soap&Glory Sunday time again - woo!

I've never been much of a hand cream lover. I can't stand how sticky most of them make my skin feel, but my hands have been awfully dry lately, even to the point where they would itch and burn - tmi, sorry. However, there are a few hand creams I like, Soap&Glory's Hand Food being one of them. It's not my favourite, but it's good. I obviously love the packaging and the fact that it contains marshmallows (I know!), but what I like most is that it sinks in rather quickly. It makes my hands feel super soft and moisturised and it isn't greasy, as long as you don't go overboard that is. The signature S&G scent will forever be one of my favourites, as it happens to be connected to some of the best times in my life - wow, this is getting deep. I've already repurchased this twice, and although it can't take the place of my beloved but sadly discontinued Tesco Skin Boost hand cream, I'd really recommend giving Hand Food a try. It's a bloggers favourite after all - in case you need an excuse to pop down to your local BootsHand Food is available in a large 125ml tube (£5.50) as well as a 50ml travel size (£2.50).

Have you tried Hand Food? What's your all time favourite hand cream?


  1. I'm not a massive hand cream lover myself, find it so annoying when they leave your hands feeling a bit greasy! I have tried this before and I LOVE the smell and it sinks into your skin perfectly <3 x

    Sarah @ xx

  2. I love hand food and would say it's one of my fave hand creams :) x


  3. I wash my hands several times a day (the joys of being a mum) and this is perfect, keeps my hands lovely and soft. Smells like toasted marshmallows too!


  4. I love this hand cream hun! I have nominated you in the One Lovely Blog Award Tag, I hope you re-create the tag!

    Faye-Ann X